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Reduce hazardous radon gas with expert mitigation

Learn about the best radon mitigation methods and how they can reduce radon levels in your home.

Radon exposure is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the United States. Given the risk, you don't want just any radon mitigation company taking your call. Contact a mitigation specialist that understands this hazardous gas and can address your home's unique issues.

Airwiz Radon knows different factors impact home radon levels. So during the in-home consultation, we conduct a structural analysis and design survey detailing how we will successfully mitigate radon in your home to keep your family safe and protected.

Ready to improve the indoor air quality of your home, eliminate hazardous radon gas, and save your family from dangerous radon symptoms? Schedule an in-home consultation and free radon removal estimate today. We proudly serve Maryland homeowners throughout Germantown, Frederick, Rockville, and areas nearby.

What is radon?

Radon is an odorless, invisible, radioactive gas naturally produced by uranium decay in rocks, water, and soil all over the country, including Capital Region. Like tobacco smoke and asbestos, radon gas is a cancer-causing substance, leading to 15,400 to 21,800 deaths yearly. And radon symptoms can worsen problems for people with asthma, respiratory problems, and compromised immune systems.

Facts about radon:

  • Homes with crawl spaces are at a higher risk for radon exposure
  • The EPA recommends radon mitigation when radon levels meet or exceed 4 pCi/L
  • Long-term low-level radon exposure is more harmful than short periods of high-level exposure
  • Radon symptoms include breathing problems, increased coughing, chest pain, hoarseness, and trouble swallowing
  • Radon levels are up to ten times higher during the winter
  • Radon gas is as cancer-causing as tobacco & asbestos

For these reasons, you should contact a mitigation specialist that understands this hazardous gas and can address your home's unique issues. As a member of National Radon Defense, a renowned network of professional mitigation companies, you can have confidence in our team of experienced specialists and our proven radon abatement services.

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What impacts radon levels?

The following factors impact radon levels and mitigation strategies for your Capital Region home:

  • The potency of radon
  • The source of radon
  • The ventilation rate of the home

How to get rid of radon gas

Want to know how Airwiz Radon reduces high levels of radon gas? We never install one-size-fits-all solutions. Read our step-by-step guide to radon mitigation.

  • We perform radon testing & provide a mitigation consultation

    Radon testing & mitigation consultation

    Before Airwiz Radon installs a radon mitigation system, we have to assess your home to ensure you are getting a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique issues in your property.

    Our radon test & consultation:

    • First, we perform a radon test using a continuous radon detector. If radon levels meet or exceed 4 pCi/L, we develop a mitigation strategy specially designed for your property.
    • The next step is to conduct a structural analysis to see how we can design a system for your house, addressing radon potency and entryways, geographical concerns, property layout, building ventilation rate, and other factors unique to your situation.
    • Once the structural analysis is complete, you'll receive a design survey from our team, which allows you to voice your wants, needs, questions, or concerns.
  • We address the stack effect

    stack effect

    The stack effect refers to the natural movement of air and radon gas in your home. It moves upwards, similar to air moving up a smoke stack. This phenomenon pulls air up from your basement, crawl space, or lower levels, drawing it to your living space and out through the attic and upper levels.

    We depressurize the soil beneath your structure to prevent radon gas from moving through the house from the stack effect.

  • We redirect radon gas

    Redirect radon gas

    Next, a hole is drilled into the concrete foundation slab, basement floor, or surrounding earth to create a suction point (multiple suction points may be necessary). Then we connect a PVC pipe where radon gas travels. After, it either goes through the house or outside.

  • We vent radon gas away from the home

    Mitigation system

    We vent radon gas through a pipe, running it through a fan in the attic or along the top of the structure. From there, radon is directed outside and away from your home.

  • We seal radon entryways

    Sealing radon entryways

    To prevent radon gas from continuing to seep into your home, we seal all pathways, including cracks, gaps, and openings, with a urethane caulking compound.

  • We perform a final system analysis

    system analysis

    After installation, your technicians will perform a complete inspection, checking the fan and other key system details. This comprehensive inspection ensures the radon mitigation system functions according to current industry standards, providing the protection your family is counting on.

  • Radon testing using a continuous radon detector

    specialists performing final radon tests

    After installing your mitigation system, our specialists perform a test using a continuous radon detector within 30 days, ensuring your system is working and maintaining radon gas at recommended levels.

Why choose us for radon mitigation in Capital Region

When choosing the best radon mitigation company for the job, know Airwiz Radon is the expert you can trust. With the backing of National Radon Defense, a professionally-trained crew, and incredible customer service, we ensure a great experience from start to finish and protection from radon for years to come.

NRD logo trusted professionals
  • Professionally-trained & licensed: Our radon experts are trained by the highest industry standards and are fully licensed. They operate within full compliance with the radon gas industry's best practices, ensuring the highest quality solutions and standards.
  • Custom-designed systems: The design of your system will depend on the factors in your home. For example, a basement or crawl space instead of a slab foundation will be a significant determining factor in choosing which mitigation system is needed.
  • Backed by National Radon Defense: National Radon Defense is an expansive network of leading radon mitigation companies across the nation. We receive exclusive access to innovative radon testing and mitigation solutions as a member. That includes continuous professional training, industry-leading products, best practices, and more!
  • Multi-family radon mitigation systems: We also provide multi-family radon mitigation services throughout Capital Region.

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High radon levels can be alarming for homeowners but starting the radon mitigation process can be difficult — how do you get lasting protection for the best value?

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