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Radon Mitigation System Activation

In Gaithersburg, MD, a customer faced a challenge with their builder's radon system, which was inactive. Despite having radon pipes installed in the house, there was no mechanical device to effectively reduce radon levels. Before reaching out to us, the customer conducted a radon test, revealing levels at 7.4 pCi/l. Upon activation of the system through the installation of a radon fan in the attic, in accordance with code, we conducted a pressure field extension test to ensure its functionality. Following mitigation, a subsequent radon measurement yielded a significantly improved result of 1.7 pCi/l—well below the acceptable threshold. We take pride in our work, knowing that the customer can now breathe safe air within their home.

Radon Mitigation in Gaithersburg MD

Radon Mitigation: using a Sub-Slab Depressurization System built to extract radon from the under the property

Radon System with extraction point in sump lid

Originally, this home had a radon system equipped with piping intended to remove radon from the sump pit. However, due to the absence of a sump lid, the pit remained exposed, becoming a point of radon entry and causing various issues. To rectify this, Airwiz Radon performed a radon mitigation project. They installed a fan in the attic and fabricated a new custom sump pit cover using transparent plastic, allowing the homeowner to monitor the water level inside the pit. As a result, the system is now properly sealed, improving energy efficiency and successfully lowering radon levels within the residence.

Rockville MD Radon Gas Mitigation System Installation

This older home in Rockville MD  needed a carefully installed radon gas mitigation system that would solve the high radon levels problem.

Radon mitigation with existing pipe activation in Germantown MD

When we visited this house in Germantown, MD to estimate the radon mitigation job, we discovered it already had radon piping from the original build. This lowered the price and made the customer happy. The next day, we returned to activate the system by installing a radon fan. Before installing the fan, we had to modify the piping design to accommodate the installation.

After installing the fan and activating the system, we added a U-tube manometer to the pipe to show the customer how to monitor it. The manometer measures the suction pressure inside the pipe so the customer can monitor their radon system.

The customer was very pleased at the end, knowing that they are now breathing safe air inside her house.

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